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Oh! My keyboard layout dead!
Today, I surfed some suites and my dear keyboard suddenly has broken on a program level. I can't change my layout from English language. It's pity? No! I has more lulz.
So, for example: I had a dialog with one idiot in vkontakte.ru. Laughing by the copypast!

Леха Григорьев: СОСАТЬ!!
Victorian: Milord Alexey. Do you really want to do it?
Леха Григорьев: СОСИ!!
Victorian: It's your passion??? I don't like it, but what you can say about it?
Леха Григорьев: СОСЁШЬ!!!!
Victorian: I understand what you really can change the forms of verb! What do u want?
Леха Григорьев: ЗАЕБИСЬ ЧЁРТ!!!
Леха Григорьев: ИТДИ НА ХАЙ
Victorian: Alexey,why do you try disturb anyone?

After he found man, who can speak with him. I go away from there. Now I try to repair my keyboard.

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Знакомо, ко мне в личку тоже такой как-то бился...

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